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10 June 2007 @ 09:11 pm
I moved blogs a while ago! Go here:

27 January 2007 @ 08:30 pm

Knitpicks Victorian Diamond Top sock, a few inches into the cuff, in Knitpicks Gloss sock yarn. This has given me hell so far, the pattern is easy enough, but I keep dropping stitches! I never drop this many, I don't know what my problem is.

Lace Leaf Shawl in Knitpicks Telemark yarn. This is some of the crunchiest, scratchiest wool I've ever worked with, I'm very glad I won't be wearing this directly against a bunch of skin (it will touch manybe the back of my neck and part of my arms). It will work out fine as a shawl, but I can't imagine it as a sweater or scarf.
13 January 2007 @ 10:38 pm
I swear I am going to start updating more. It's a new years knitting resolution of mine. That Harlot Poncho my last entry showed? I've worn it so many times it's beginning to wear out. It's on of my favorite knits ever. I'll have a picture of it up soon. And I have so many finished things, and things in progress. I want to start keeping detailed entries with pictures of in-process work, and finished, and all that. I want to be able to look back later and have all the info I need.

So more to come, I promise. I just need to get myself a better camera, mine is crappy and slowly dying on me.
01 May 2006 @ 02:39 pm
Yeah, I'm so good at keeping this updated, aren't I... I have finished a few different projects, but I don't like to update without photos, since knitting blogs are best when they have photos nearly every entry. We finally got some sunshine, so I could take pictures in natural light, but my photography skills leave a lot to be desired. So no FOs right now. But I do have a Work in Progress:

A Very Harlot PonchoCollapse )
26 February 2006 @ 07:27 pm
I finished my project for the Knitting Olympics, and a day early at that! I finished yesterday evening, but didn't get around to posting a picture till now.

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16 February 2006 @ 11:42 pm
For a good chunk of my knitting time today, I was thinking I would have been better off not touching my knitting at all. It finally smoothed out a bit at the end, but goodness. I managed to finish my second Tubey sleeve with no problems; it actually went much quicker than I anticipated, and I was surprised when I measured it at one point to realize I was at the bind-off point. Then came the picking up of 100-some stitches. I cannot tell you how many times I had to rip those suckers out because I'm apparently incapable of picking up stitches evenly. So I spent about two solid hours of picking up, ripping out, and swearing profusely. After I managed to get them all up and on the needles, I worked my way through a few rows, before noticing some odd dropped stitches. I counted, recounted, and checked my ribbing pattern, and there was no explaining where they came from. I had the exact number on the needle, and judging by my ribbing pattern, there should have been no stitches where the two appeared to have dropped. So there was much more cussing and managing to pick them up and knit them together, since I wasn't sure what else to do with them. After getting a little ways more in, I noticed the neck opening sure did look small. I had picked up stitches a little further in on the neck, so it wouldn't be as low cut as the original pattern. But it seemed I had gone too far in. So I put the damn thing on scrap yarn to try it on(since my circular cord isn't big enough). It seems, after trying it on, to be a little higher up than I wanted, but not enough so as to rip back three hours work. After that whole debacle, I managed to knit a few rows more before turning in for the night.

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14 February 2006 @ 09:46 pm
I kept meaning to update each evening, and never got around to doing so (lazy lazy). So, here are updates for Day 2 - Day 5:
Tubey ProgressCollapse )
10 February 2006 @ 10:13 pm
(Info on the Knitting Olympics is a few entries down)

Progress for Day 1:

Picture under the cutCollapse )

That would be 12 out of the 23 inches I need for the back section of the shrug part of Tubey. After the 23 inches I start the sleeve. After that I unravel that multi-colored yarn you see at one end, pick up those stitches, and do the second sleeve. After that I pick up about a billion stitches along the edges and start the body of the sweater. I'm proud, I did a foot of knitting in one day. I have 15 more days to finish the sweater in.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Madrona Fiber Arts Yarn and Fiber Public Market. I wanted to take some of the classes they offered, but heard about it too late to sign up. But they should have some great vendors there.

03 February 2006 @ 11:14 pm

I figured that waiting until a sunny day to take pictures with natural light just isn't going to happen any time soon. It's still rainy outside, and we have high wind warnings with possible power outages. So, I took some FO pictures using my flash, which unfortunately washes out the colors quite a bit. But at least you get an idea of what it all looks like.

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20 January 2006 @ 05:39 pm

It's a pain in the butt to try and get FO pictures without good lighting. It's been raining I believe nearly 30 days straight now (may have to check on that, I know we're nearing our record for most consecutive rainy days), and dark clouds don't make for good lighting. And the camera flash washes everything out. I'll have pictures as soon as the weather decides to cooperate.

I've joined the Knitting Olympics. The idea is that you challenge yourself to finish something during the Olympics in February (which gives you 16 days). I chose to make Tubey, since I've never done anything remotely close to a sweater, let alone in 16 days. It should be interesting. I ordered the yarn from KnitPicks yesterday, it should be here next week some time.